It is recognised by the Partners that to ensure a continuing standard of quality in the services offered to the Client, a systemised approach to our activities is required. To this end, we have reviewed our various work activities and procedures and have implemented a Quality Management System.

The Partners of the Practice are totally committed to the support of the Quality Management System and appreciate the importance of their joint effort with the staff in not only implementing the procedures, but also, through feedback, continuously monitoring and developing the system.

Once the terms of appointment have been agreed with the Client, the design process commences with the production of a Client Brief, which can either be a document prepared solely by the Client or a joint proposal with TP Engineering Services llp being party to the process. From the basis of the Client Brief the Practice will throughout the design and construction phase, control the quality, progress and direction of the project.

Due to the nature of the installed environment, many projects are subject to a strict QA procedure involving the Practice in a continuous review of the project design. Independent critical assessments at key stages of the project ensure the completed installation has an approved audit trail from the Client Brief.